Appassionata Loves Spring


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Phew! As we all breathe deep breaths after the weekend of love, this particular calendar week always brings great joy as so many beautiful spring flowers get released & us lucky florists get to work with them.  The tulip and daffodil always remain a firm favourite and it is a thrill to see so many new varieties available.  But our current studio favourite is the ranuncula.  In case you have never seen one, they are a bulb available in bright and pastel colours. They  come in multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper--thin petals, looking like an origami masterwork. Their symbolism suggests 'You radiate with charm'. But for us when they arrive, it is the simple amazement at the formation of each flower, the perfection of layers, the solidity in colour. 

There is nothing better than using the beautiful ranuncula in a bouquet.  As an example our spring themed bouquets would all have ranunuculas involved to create that lightness of touch and a pretty element to accompany the hero flower of a rose.  But if you love seasonal flowers and would like to have the prettiest of flower displays at home, simply purchase ranunuculus to mix through with amazing anemones, some eucalytpus, delicate twigs, hyacinths, forget-me-nots.  Place them in a  low vase as they are usually only 40-50cm in length and change the water daily to keep your lightness of spring going for longer.  XX