It must be May, hurrah for Peonies!

It must be May, hurrah for Peonies!

Peony, Paeonia, paeony rose - call it your own pet peony name but they have arrived in abundance to our studio in all shades of blush, pink and coral and we are delighted especially as we should have them here with us until the end of July!

Shane Connolly's Secret Language of Flowers gives a great summary of peony history:

'if ever a flower had roots stretching back to ancient times, it is the peony named in honour of the Greek gods' personal physiician, Paeon.  he is said to have cured Plato, the god of the underworld using it's seeds.'

In the 18th century, peony roots were worn by children  to guard against epilepsy and nightmares whilst at the same time Christianity quickly saw a comparison between the peony and the Virgin Mary 'a rose without thorns', which the peony appears to be.

The symbolism of the peony is 'Bashfulness' but the beauty of this flower is that it is still in its loveliness, quietly blooming and changing daily with light and love.


They are gorgeous at any stage.  Arrange them simply in a vase or jug & watch them bloom and unfurl.  Remove all leaves below water level to allow the stems drink enough water to support the heads.  When they fully bloom, the heads can be top heavy so it is good to then cut them short and rearrange in low bowls.  


Every florist can order peonies in for you, we currently have Dutch peonies arriving daily but will have Irish peonies which open to the size of our cheeks later in the summer.  As a flower, they are a little more expensive costing from E5 but the joy and longevity out of each stem makes every spend so worth it.....

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