5 Minutes with: Appassionata

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Mint Mag (http://www.mintmag.ie) met with Kasia Skopinska from Appassionata to tell them all about working in the beautiful store

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If you couldn’t already tell, the Mint Mag is a big fan of flowers, so we caught up with one of our favourite Irish boutique flower shops; Appassionata. Located on Drury Street it sits in amongst a hub of trendy shops and restaurants and has just had a new rustic make over. We met with Kasia Skopinska to tell us all about working in this beautiful store:

1. How did you get into floristry?

My parents and Grandparents were in the flower business, my Mum had a flower shop so that’s what I grew up with. I studied Horticulture in Poland for 5 years, and when I arrived here 14 years ago there was an advertisement in the Herald newspaper for a position in a florist in Nutgrove and I got it. I learnt so much from them, just observing and listening to very skilled women, it was a fantastic opportunity.

2. What is your favourite flower?

Muscari, it’s a Grape Hyacinth – it’s only around Spring and is more of a wild flower. To me a bunch of it is the biggest joy ever, probably because it’s not around for very long it makes it more special.

3. Who is the most famous person you have done an arrangement for?

Well I would have to say Obama and the Queen. We were asked to do the flowers for the stage when Obama visited and did the talk on College Green – it was absolutely fantastic to see all the logistics of what goes into an event like that. It was the fastest turn around we’ve ever had to do – we got the call on the Saturday and it had to be all ready for the Monday. Prior to that then we did the flowers for the Queens visit in the CCD including the bouquet she had to carry. As a thank you we received an invitation to go and see her speaking that day but I didn’t check my post box so got the invitation 3 days after the event!

4. What was your biggest job?

It was a huge wedding on the Isle of Man. There’s no suppliers there so logistically it was pretty hard because we had to get 2 vans to drive over from Ireland and some people to fly in, then try to time it to meet a van also coming from the UK and all done in time that the flowers were still fresh. It turned out great though, the husband pretty much planned everything and wanted it all to be perfect for his new wife.

5. Have you ever had any unusual requests?

Well quite a funny one from recently – there was a girl getting married and she wanted brussel sprouts in her bouquet – Brussel was a nickname for her husband to be. When she rang then to say thank you and we asked how he liked the gesture, she said he loved it!

7. How would you advise someone wanting to get into the flower industry?

Well we have courses here that give a taster into what floristry is like. I love seeing people coming in and they have no idea what to do, but just one day with us and they learn so much. The next course we’re planning is just before Christmas and as we’re not running them as regularly as we used, it’s definitely one to catch.

If you have green fingers and fancy learning professional flower arrangements, follow Appassionata on Facebook or keep an eye out on their website Appassionata.ie for their next available courses!