Wreath Making with Appassionata

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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A visit from Mintmag (http://www.mintmag.ie) at our wreath making workshop in December resulted in this fantastic post about the day with lots of even more fantastic photos!

See the original article here: http://mintmag.ie/wreath-making-with-appassionata/

Wreath Making With Appassionata!

We were fortunate enough to attend the Christmas workshop with Appassionata on Saturday and what a treat it was! There was an abundance of greenery from mistletoe to eucalyptus and a whole host of natural things to make our wreathes come to life.

The main base of the wreath was made of straw – it held everything in much better than oasis and it’ll keep the foliage healthier for longer.

Kasia showed us how to wrap the wire over the pine (Irish pine that is!) to secure it down to the base.

After that was completed we chose whatever we wanted to decorate it – we went for a traditional style which was perfect for the red door it was going to be put on.

As well as the wreaths we made an arrangement in 6 cute milk bottles (which you can buy in their store on Drury Street.) There was a beautiful selection of Winter flowers to choose from which now look stunning on the kitchen table!

Thank you so much to Ruth and Kasia for such a great morning and to Wildflour Bakery for their delicious treats!