frequently asked questions

Where do your flowers come from?

The Majority of our flowers come from Holland as Holland controls the international flower industry. For an interesting insight into the murky world of international flower trading read the (Link) article by Peter Cluskey in the Irish Times 06/09/11. While we (Europe, Russia, North America) buy our flowers from the Dutch the flowers are grown all over the world. The Dutch also own most of the intellectual property of foreign growers in order to germinate, grow, cultivate and ship flowers around the Globe.

Is there a difference between the flowers you buy in Dublin or the flowers you buy in Galway, London or Paris?

Probably not other than how long they have travelled or been on the flower stand. Our suppliers also supply the top florists in London, Paris even NYC and Galway. The only difference could be flowers in Paris take 3 hours to ship from Holland but just under 24 hours from Holland to Dublin. The real difference can be shelf time, we try to maintain a relatively small bouquet flower quantity to keep the flower turnover high. Flowers for weekly contract or for a specific event are ordered in specifically so that they arrive by ferry on Sunday night and are conditioned, arranged and delivered to a Hotel foyer for 8am Monday morning. We can get deliveries even night of the week.

I just got engaged. What should I do about flowers?

Firstly, congratulations and relax, please contact us about the date but we should not need to meet until 3 months before the wedding. Please download our wedding brochure or email us your postal address and we can post you one out. We have supplied to weddings all over Ireland and outside Ireland and a scan of our Wedding portfolio can testify to the wide range of budgets but always with the same level of quality that we have supplied to. We should only meet when most of the other wedding items are already sorted, like wedding dress and venue. A bridal meeting should only take 1 hour after which we will supply you with the necessary information you’ll need to work out your look and budget.

Weddings come is all sorts of shapes and sizes, from a single Bridal bouquet to 15,000 stems for the reception, makes no difference to us. We are here to help you make it is as easy as possible to create the look and feel that you want. Your budget should be whatever you decide what you want it to be and

I have a business and we are thinking of having some flowers weekly. How would it work?

This is what we specialize in, we have private and confidential clients but as you can see from our testimonials we supply flowers to the finest business in Dublin where quality and style are paramount. Our Clients include 5 star hotels, The Westbury, The Shelbourne and The Ritz Carlton Enniskerry. We supply the Conrad Hotel, the Morrison Hotel, Guilbuads Restaurant, Bloomberg as well as several other business and private homes on a weekly basis. Our recommended starting budget would be 50, there is no delivery charge and no vase hire charge as we rotate our vases on a weekly basis. You pick a day in the week that is convenient to you and we swap the old vase with a new creation every week with no hassle or fuss.

I’m organizing a party and I think I need some flowers?

Give us a call +353 1 6602089 and tell us where and when and what you are thinking and let us help you work out what you need.