How to make a Flower Wall


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And so a beautiful event was held by Brown Thomas in Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud just before Valentines Day and they asked us to make a flower wall.   We love a challenge so we spent the weeks before planning, drawing, figuring out.  You see this wall was to be 4metres x 3 metres and to look and feel like all the guests were at a Dior event. First of all before we got all floral, our trusty carpenter Ken made us a shelf like structure that would slot into a stage.  We then filled it up with over 210 oasis bricks and covered it with 10 rolls of chicken wire - this would act as a base to hold the flowers about to cover the structure.

Flower wall by appassionata flowers

Once it was secure and steady, our trusty team started to pin in the flat moss to completely cover the structure and to create a further foundation for the flowers to be held in.  And then the fun started with filling the moss with flowers, colour by colour, flower type by flower type in a sporadic pattern - all of these flowers were placed in phials to ensure they would last the night to be perfect the day after.  We called it a night knowing the morning ahead.

Flower wall by appassionata flowers - part 2

06.00 The flower walls were placed gingerly into Ken's van and brought up to Guilbauds where the wonderful Stephane was there to greet us.  Once he had removed the full of worth Sean Scully masterpiece from the main wall in the restaurant part of Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Ken set to work setting up the wall structure and slotting the 2 pieces vertically into the stage.  And then we really set off populating the 4x3metre wall with a myriad of blooms in all colours of the rainbow using roses, orchids, phlox, waxflower, hydrangea, phalaenopsis and vanda orchids.  The vibrancy of colour was created by the fact that each bloom fought to be the most bright and beautiful for that morning.  We had great help from Jamie & Mags from the amazing Brown Thomas visual team and flew up and down ladders with handfuls of flowers so that we could have everything done in the nick of time at 10am.  

Flower wall by appassionata flowers - part 3

10.00 We finished our wall of flower delights using 3000 flowers in 15 varieties and a lot of love and muscle.  Let's hear it for team Appassionata who all helped to create this beautiful piece that only lived for a day during one of the busiest weeks of a florists year......