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DEDICATION TO SUSTAINABLITY It's our philosophy that, through both sight and smell, flowers exist to enhance our surroundings. We design our flowers to suit their intended location, whether classic or contemporary, and always with an obvious passion for their beauty. As florists we are so aware of the luck we have in life, because we get to work with beautiful things. However, the sense of joy we get as each season brings new flowers as fruit comes with a strong sense of responsibility. Due to global warming and advancements in flower growth, our new normal is that we can access flowers throughout the year that used to be seasonal. Delphiniums in December, garden roses all year round, hydrangea from south of the equator, and more. Nevertheless, we are almost completely dependent on importing flowers through Holland to maintain a steady stream of ingredients for our business. And as of summer 2019, the flower market in Smithfield, Dublin has closed forever. We, as a country, have lost a fresh flower community that existed for two centuries.   Although we strive to use as many Irish-grown ingredients as possible, we need more and more of them. We can access the most amazing foliage, twigs, berries, lichen, moss, and pine from Clare, Kerry, and Waterford, and from the wonderful growers we know and love. There is nothing better than Killowen-grown daffodils arriving in the door, their fragrance filling our regulars with glee. Then comes summer. We have a flower friend who grows sweet pea for us, and we love to have peonies, dahlias, and garden roses dropped in for special wedding days. But apart from that, we get stuck, and everything has to arrive by ferry over the Irish Sea. We make use of a mix of native flowers and flowers from all over the world. What is important to note is that we floristas insist that any bloom we use must be from a supplier who is bound to the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative for 2020. Their objective reads: The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative was initiated in 2012 by 25 stakeholders in the floriculture sector, the founding members of FSI. They share the goal of finding more sustainable solutions for farmers, for the environment, and for the future of the sector, and set themselves the ambition to have 90% flowers and plants responsibly produced and traded by 2020. This means that we only buy sustainably cultivated flowers and plants are grown in a way that respects people and the environment, creating as low a burden as is possible on the environment, along with guaranteed good working conditions within their enterprises.Our flowers arrive daily by ferry so no carbon emissions are wasted through air delivery. All of your bouquets are bound in our signature packaging & cellophane which is biodegradable, compostable & recyclable.  We strive to use as little packaging as possible but it is necessary to make sure that your flowers arrive in perfect condition to the person they are intended for. At Appassionata Flowers, we strive to recycle, reuse as much as we can and we hope that the flower industry will adapt and move with the large changes as we make our efforts to help in so many small ways to make our earth a happier place to live and smell the flowers.