Valentines Day Flowers Advice


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'You can't blame gravity for falling in love' said Einstein but you can definitely keep that love flying by remembering to buy them flowers.  Yes, the Day of Love or Valentines Day fast approaches on Wednesday the 14th of February and so here's some top tips to keep that day beautiful & filled with heart and blooms.

TIP 1 - Remember to order your flowers sooner than later.  Five to 6 on Valentines evening is not a good time to arrive looking for your loves favourite flowers in any flower shop we know.  Though we have plenty of you who think quite the opposite...

TIP 2 - Size doesn't matter, it's all about the blooms you think your lover will like. In the siopa, bouquets are lifted individually as if they are weights, the truth is that the heaviest bouquet mightn't be the best one there, it's simply that the aquapack has been filled more with water!

TIP 3 - It helps to give your florist the correct address and phone number so we can actually make sure the love is shown...!

TIP 4 - Buying flowers is a really good thing so you don't need to put that beautiful bouquet into a paper bag or mashed into a rucksack on your bag - says the sad faced floristas as they see this happen.

TIP 5 - Enjoy the flower buying, we are all delighted to see you and love to help you choose the blooms to share the love in your world that day.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone out there whether you are in a twosome or your ownsome , sure it's really a day to say I love you to everyone you know especially your good self - Big hugs from us, and give us great smiles as we run through the tunnel of love again this year...

And if you need to order flowers, here's a swanky smorgasboard selection of bouquets, trays of blooms and more to help more love go around on Valentines Day :