Valentines is Friday!


Categories: Flowers

Hello, Lovers! Valentine’s Day is a-coming. The most flower-filled of the year is so close; we can almost smell the roses. Whether you’re sending blooms to your fancy, a dear friend or just someone you would like to feel special on the day, we have blooms for every occasion. For the lovebirds, we recommend The Twelve. How can one go wrong with a classic bouquet of a dozen red velvet roses and seasonal greenery to really make a statement? Or if you really need someone to know how much you care, how about The Love Boat? A gorgeous green cut vases filled with wild Irish foliage and the most beautiful red roses. Traditional and simple: perfect elegance. We’re also got some Love Day options which are fun, playful, and bright. The McLovin’, popular, not just for its fabulous name, but also for its cheeky, blushing pink and red blooms. Dive into spring with our You’re the Only One bouquet; a symphony of February spring flowers encircling one sumptuous red velvet rose. Or something a little different, the You’re Tuliptastic bouquet. It’s all in the name; a springtime bouquet of colourful tulips and fragrant Irish eucalyptus to brighten up any Valentine’s Day (or, indeed, any day at all!) We are also still stocking our year round favourites. The Tray of Blooms takes on a Valentine’s Day makeover and becomes The Love Tray with a red rose in tow for the occasion, our All Seasons bouquet is bursting with roses and thistles, and our Blathanna and Blooms Deal is the perfect thoughtful gift for the flower lover in your life. As always, we suggest getting your Valentine’s order in to us as soon as possible. It is one of the busiest days of the year for all us flower folk and we want to make sure that we send out as many declarations of love as we possibly can. Our online store is always taking orders and our shops and studio are standing by, waiting to hear from you. Wishing you, and all the lovebirds out there, a blooming lovely Valentine’s week.